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Rabbi Yaakov Vann

Meet the Calabasas Shul Rabbi | Rabbi Yakov Vann

Rabbi Yakov VannRabbi Yakov Vann has been the Rabbi of the Calabasas Shul, since 1995. Originally from Monsey, New York, Rabbi Vann moved to California after receiving his Talmudic and Rabbinic degree from Yeshivos in Israel and the United States. Ever since his installment nearly two decades ago, Rabbi Vann has served as a pillar of strength and guidance to the Calabasas Jewish community, lending a hand and an open ear to all who need him.

Rabbi Vann’s commitment to helping the Jewish community extends well beyond the confines of the Calabasas community, teaching children and adults in classes that explore everything from the most basic to the most advanced topics in Jewish life and law.

In addition to being involved in Jewish education, Rabbi Vann is a distinguished member of the Rabbinical Council of California and serves on their Kashrut advisory committee. Rabbi Vann is also a member of the National Council of Young Israel Rabbis of North America, and participates in various other well-respected Jewish organizations nationwide.

Rabbi Vann, his wonderful wife Chumie, and 7 children, Gershie, Ezi, Ahuva, Adina, Ester, Yehuda and Miriam are near and dear to the hearts of all who know them. With a home, whose doors are always open, the Vann’s hospitality cannot be surpassed, as can be said about the famous, delicious food that the Rebbetzen makes for Shabbos and Holidays. The Calabasas Shul is truly blessed to be associated with such fine role models, who constantly teach us what is means to be true Tzadikim.